Juno, Scene by Scene – 2

Scene transitions really add to the unity, rhythm and flow of your script and we get a nice visual one here with the old sofa chair.

When Juno drops her underwear on the floor, we don’t see expensive silk laced panties, we see normal teenage ones which continues the teenage/adolescence line.

The choice of camera shot is interesting (including the ones after it) because we don’t see Bleeker’s face and therefore don’t know his identity. This is not a mystery, thriller or suspense genre so Bleeker’s identity and concealing it are not related to the plot. So why do it? Maybe because Act 1 is about establishing context and delivering exposition to set up the story, so leveraging any opportunity to increase the audiences interest should always be used? (We don’t find out Bleeker is the father until ten minutes into the story).

Bleeker – “I’ve wanted this for a really long time”, we now know that this is not a one night stand.

Juno – “I know”, Juno’s response is that of an adult and not a teenager. We would expect her to say ‘I wanted it too’, but she’s confused about relationships and from the first moments of the story we get an idea of how she operates within them.

Bleeker – “Wizard”, this is the kind of dialogue we expect from a carefree teenager.

Later in the script there is a scene in the science lab and two teenagers have a domestic just like adults would. Maturity, adults wanting to be teenagers again and teenagers behaving like adults is the central theme of this movie. Bleeker and Juno are playing this theme out in a very subtle form even in the first few minutes of the script.

The fear on Juno’s face portrays the feelings of a teenager losing their virginity for the first time. Is this scene designed to invoke memories of how we felt during our first time so we can connect with Juno and understand what she’s feeling?


Juno, Scene by Scene – 2

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